July, 2009

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Ya’ Gotta’ Try the Fitness Spin

e’ve expanded," says Mason Goldberg, who owns Ludlow Fitness, the state-of-the-art gym near the north-east corner of Delancey and Ludlow. "We now have a much bigger studio, so we can offer more classes, and we’ve incorporated a spinning room."

What’s a spinning room?

"It’s a high intensity aerobic workout on bicycles," Mason explains, "and, truthfully, there’s no one in the area that has anything like it. There’s a great following out there for spinning, it’s been huge, huge."

What’s the difference between your spinning room bicycles and everybody else’s?

"We have regular training bikes on the cardio floor, with a pretty TV screen in them, top of the line. But the spinning class uses bare bones bikes, you adjust the resistance yourself, it’s a very high intensity, high impact workout. The lights in the room go dark, loud music bursts out of the speakers, and you’re going up hills, you’re really riding, there’s no better 45 minute workout in the gym."

Is it like a group thing?

"There are 10 bikes, 10 people in a class, so yes, it’s a group thing. There is a certified instructor who coordinates the music and takes the cyclists through hills, jumps, speeds, resistance, all the different things you would encounter if you’re on the road, and you’re Lance Armstrong."

Mason is proud that his establishment has emerged as a true neighborhood gym. "I think our gym is something of a community center, most people live 2-3 blocks away, you see a lot of the same faces: your bartender, your deli counter person, some cops from the Seventh Precinct. The whole local Starbucks team works out here."

The price matches the nabe image. "We’re very affordable, $449 for the year, about $37 a month, which for gym membership in New York City is very competitive. This includes all the classes, all the amenities, and a clean workout environment."

For the more demanding customer, they offer personal training, one hour sessions, one-on-one. "It’s an excellent way to shock the body and really boost your workout, be a little more efficient getting results," Mason says. "It’s $55 per session, if you buy a package of 10 or more. Some of my trainers charge $120 in other gyms where they work. You get the same person, same workout, for less than half the price."

Ludlow Fitness, 100 Delancey 212.260.9222 mason@ludlowfitness.com. Open from 5:30 a.m. till midnight during the week, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekend.

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