October, 2010

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Cover image: Body Shapers. Timothy Cruz, who manages Ludlow Fitness at 100 Delancey Street, agreed to be our cover person in this issue which deals with a few health related topics, like gym etiquette, preventing sports injuries, and surprising facts about the health of Blitz-tormented Londoners (much healthier than us). Stay fit!
Body Shapers

ason Goldberg, owner of Ludlow Fitness: We are celebrating our fourth year in December, and we continue to be strong in the neighborhood with affordable pricing and keeping the gym clean. A lot of gyms start out that way, but maintaining the standards is how you stay in business.

Our classes perform unbelievably well. My yoga program Iíd put up against any other facility. We have a great group of full-time instructors, this is all they do, and they enjoy teaching down here, because they get to work with a nice group of people.

We create a good group camaraderie here. Itís more laid back, but being laid back doesnít mean less fitness, it just means you donít need to be decked out in the latest

Adidas ensemble. Your college sweat pants and T-shirt are good enough. We

offer Zumba, which is an aerobic Latin dance class thatís been a craze everywhere. Itís one of out most popular classes, but you need a teacher that can deliver. Ongoing instruction to drive the class from start to finish with proper motivation is essential.

We offer cardio classes, with weight loss and body sculpting in mind. But even our boxing class is about calorie loss and fat burning. If youíre a little more aggressive and you like the boxing aspect, we have the gloves and the pads and weíll match you with someone your size and level of fitness. But itís not about fighting as much as it is about heavy, exhausting exercise, and youíre working your whole body. A body sculpt is a little more traditional, but with a good teacher and a lot of pep, youíll come out exhausted...

And thereís our famous Spinning class on stationary bikes, which is a cult by now. There is no better 45 minute cardio class. The instructor starts with a nice warm-up and ends with a proper cooldown, but in between, the intensity, with the music, is incredible. They drive uphills, downhills, and the teacher instructs you what your resistance level should be. But youíre not going to be called out if youíre faking it...

The truly intelligent people in the gym listen to their bodies. The key is understanding when something feels too easyóor too hardóto turn it up or dial it down.

We work hard to keep the place sparkling clean, so the mats are always clean when you start your workout. There is an etiquette that you canít leave a puddle of sweat behind after a workout, but as great as our members are, we canít assume that they would do it, it cannot be our excuse.

Weíre kind of a community center, we cater to the bar owner who lives down the street, or the bank employee on her lunch break. However, part of our success is that we donít impose on peopleís lives with weekly phone calls and constant promotions. Instead, we make our fitness environment comfortable, clean and welcoming.

Ludlow Fitness, 100 Delancey (at Ludlow), 212.260.9222, $449 for the year, sign up now and get the rest of the year for $169, all classes included. 5:30 a.m. to midnight weekdays, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekends. Peak hours are 6:30- 8, Monday and Tuesday nights. Everyone is always well motivated after the weekend. Mornings peak is 7, but itís not that bad. Locker rooms and showers, you can bring a change of clothes and start your day right Ė or end your day right...

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